Tinaya Says: Your Random Ass Events of The Week- Miley Cyrus on SNL, Stacy Dash vs. President Obama, Halle Berry’s New Baby, and MORE!


Happy Sunday! First week of the month, with more random happenings and you ain’t even know it. Top random ass events of the week are:

barilla products

Homophobic Pasta
So if you love spaghetti and lasagna just as much as the next person, you probably shouldn’t buy Barilla products if you support equal rights. The CEO of the company Guido Barilla was quoted on a Italian radio show this past Wednesday stating that he would never have an advertisement with a homosexual family being displayed and that his gay customers “could go elsewhere” if they didn’t like it. Really???? Get ready to file for bankruptcy my friend, because gay people love pasta and hate homophobic companies. Do you know that Ellen and Elton John can BUY you out if they wanted? He has since retracted his statement but its too late, I’m a Ronzoni lady now :)


Congrats Momma Berry!:
Congrats are in order for Ms. Halle Berry who just gave birth to her son last night in California. This is the second child for her and first for hubby Oliver Martinez, with no word yet on the name. Bet you any piece of money he’s cuter than that little Nori, Halle’s genetics are to die for.


Jesus and the Shotgun:
So I’ve never been to Louisiana, but I don’t plan on visiting anytime soon if your place of worship isn’t even safe! Deacon Woodrow Karey was charged with murder this week after he entered the Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center in the midst of a Friday Night Revival Service to shoot the Pastor twice before running away. Karey trotted by foot for a block after killing Pastor Ronald J.Harris Sr. only to call the police and turn himself in minutes later. So wait… you mean to tell me that you had the NERVE to walk up in a church, shoot the pastor in the MIDDLE of a service, attempt to run by foot one block and then call the cops like they weren’t going to catch you anyway??? And reportedly you did this all for a woman? You should rot in jail for disrespecting the church in such a way. You’re outrageously dumb Mr. Karey, enjoy prison :)


       Miley Cyrus was GREAT on SNL:

So Miley’s opportunity to shut up her haters came this weekend with double duties as host and musical guest last night on Saturday Night Live. And she was FUNNY! The show is in its 39th season and running out of funny things to talk about (please get new writers!) yet Miley held her own, looked beautiful, and made fun of herself. Between her hosting gig last night and her documentary on MTV this week “Miley: The Movement” she’s really trying to give nay sayers a reason to turn themselves into her loyal fans. She still needs to stop twerking and embarrassing the art that it is though. If you didn’t catch it last night, shame on you! No i’m kidding, nobody watches SNL anymore,


The annoyance that is Stacy Dash:
You are beautiful, smart, and full of air woman. Stacy Dash recently did an interview with Fox News admitting that in 2008, she only voted for President Obama because he was black and thought he was the right person for the job, but he isn’t and regrets the vote she placed. First off, if you’re a grown ass woman only doing things because of the color of someone’s skin, GET YOUR LIFE!!! I didn’t vote for Obama because he was black, it was because he cared, he had amazing ideas, and he gave us hope. It just only made me feel better that he was black, there’s a difference! And then you start off the interview PRAISING PAULA DEEN! You are annoying. Obama doesn’t need you in his corner boo boo, he’s got Beyonce. And she’s rich and married to your brother’s richer ex business partner. Maybe you  should stop worrying so much about politics and maybe go visit your nephew? He likes hitting on women.

Well until Stacy Dash gives another ignorant interview, have a great week!