Tinaya Says: Your Random Ass Events of the Week- Bieber Copies Yeezus, Lesbian Catfish, Kim’s Hollywood Star & more!


Your best part of Sunday is here, that moment where MaseTV recaps the craziest, most random, and sickening stories of the week! So here they are:

I wanna be like ‘Ye: Justin Bieber released his new single “Heartbreaker” at 12am last monday, and will be launching a new single at 12am each week in anticipation of his next studio album. But fans can’t help but think that his Selena Gomez inspired record cover copies Kanye West‘s Platinum Selling effort “808 &Heartbreak”. I just think that brokenhearted men have the same looking paper mache hearts after famous women break up with them :) What do you think?


Kim Kardashian is ineligible for Hollywood Walk of Fame– When Kanye West & Jimmy Kimmel made up and kissed this week after their Twitter beef, Kanye spoke of his anger with the industry because his baby momma cannot receive a star on the famous Holywood stroll, because she is deemed ineligible. First off, what even made the famous couple look into Kim’s star status  seriously enough to know this and secondly WHAT IS SHE GETTING A HOLLYWOOD STAR ON THE WALK OF FAME FOR??? Her failing businesses, her failing TV show, or her failed acting and singing career? Just let her be your baby momma yeezy. Stop tryna make nobodies more famous for nothing. Enjoy this photoshopped image, because this will never happen:


Bow Wow & His Lesbian twin: We spoke about the lesbian Catfish episode already on MaseTV but this is by far the most random event happening of the week. Did you REALLY think that Bow Wow was going to fall in love with you and your one child from who knows where and not see you or claim you? Did you not do any research on him or your situation? And Bow Wow, your reaction was not humble in the least bit. If you weren’t feeling yourself before with your YMCMB recording contract that they give to everybody or your hosting gig on what is now the horrible 106 & Park, you are feeling yourself now. Here’s his reaction to the catfish episode:

Miley Degrades her Teddy: So weeks after her VMA performance, Miley Cyrus is still causing a crazy stir over her raunchy tirade with Robin Thicke. But now, one of her teddy bear dancers is admiting her distaste with the performance. Hollis Jane, one of the small dancers who wore the Teddy Bear costume during the performance, wrote in her blog that “for the first time, I felt truly ashamed of being a little person”. After one of their first dress rehearsals for the show, Jane stated that she “walked out of the Barclay Center shaking and crying”. Ummmmm NOBODY PUT A GUN TO YOUR HEAD AND MADE YOU PERFORM HOLLIS!!! What annoys me the most about situations and people like this is that you cry and complain about how you were treated yet nobody made you go on stage and do that twerking dance. If you felt so degraded, you should’ve quit. Now you got your check, you got your exposure, and you want an extra 15 minutes of fame to complain about the job you had to do. Nobody cares.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi , John Boehner, Mitch McConnell

The Government is STILL shutdown.: Today marks the 13th day that the government has been shut down. Why is the government still shut down? The Republicans have to GET THEIR LIFE. You are trying to take away funds for ObamaCare by shutting down the government so that there is no more funding for the act. But your stubborn ways are effecting school loans, jobs, and most importantly, healthcare. Regardless of what happens, ObamaCare will most likely be approved and find the proper funding. So all of you government officials that need to meet, go ahead and talk it out so that we can get our government back!!!! I hope next sunday I have some better news for you readers about this :) Until then have a blessed week!