Time Magazine Does #BlackLivesMatter Cover On Walter Scott Shooting


Time Magazine decided to dedicate its cover of the week to the shooting of the unarmed African-American man Walter Scott, who was shot and killed by Charleston, South Carolina police officer Michael Slager.

The bold cover features the cell-phone footage that captured Slager shooting Scott as he attempted to run away below the words “Black Lives Matter,”.

The cover comes after several similar incidents in which police have killed unarmed African-American men, including Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York City.

Slager, who had stopped Scott over a broken tail light, said he opened fire after Scott tried to take his taser, however video evidence revealed that was a lie.

Slager has been charged with murder for the killing, along with another police officer, Justin Craven, who was also charged the same day for murdering an unarmed Black man in 2014.

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