TI Attempts to Shade Floyd Mayweather & He Responds By Posting Video Dancing With Tiny Harris [Video]


ATL rapper T.I.’s longtime feud with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather just got 10x worse!

T.I. was first to throw shade this time around after he posted a recent video he shot of comedian Kevin Hart ensuing in a roasting session with one of his friends. T.I. was the only one to post video of the roast session and included a portion where Kevin was heard dropping some jokes about Floyd’s pops and the Mayweather team.

Well, we all know Floyd Mayweather always makes sure to get the last laugh.

Shortly after T.I. posted the shady video, Floyd responded with some major shade of his own by posting a secret video that was recorded at Mariah Carey‘s Halloween party that shows T.I.’ws wife Tiny dancing with Floyd while the two looked extra friendly!

The internet has since began trolling Tiny for an interview she did following the party where she alleges to only taking a picture with Floyd at the request of Mariah.

T.I. has remained quiet on the video of his wife dancing with Floyd and has not taken down the video of Kevin Hart mentioning Floyd’a name.

Mayweather issued his final clapback where he posted a $100M check and referred to his haters as “backseat drivers”.



Doesn’t look like Floyd and T.I. will be friends anytime soon….and Tiny about just taking that photo with Floyd…….

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