6 Things That Stylish People HATE!


1. Wearing the same outfit as someone else:


Everyone hates showing up to an event and someone else is wearing the same piece  to an event. It is one of the most annoying feelings when you think you’re about to kill everyone at the event you’re attending and someone shows up in your same outfit. THE BLOW!

2. Not getting enough likes:


 If you’re a lover of fashion you most likely want to show the world your sense of style. Thank God for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr it helps us to do so. If  we only get 5 likes on a picture or one note on our blog we FREAK! Then comes the delete session of the photos that got no love (YES SAD BUT TRUE) We start to question our sense of style, like maybe our style isn’t that great if we’re only got 5 likes on Instagram. Do us all a favor and like our pics lol.

3. Sample sales are our weakness.


We hate having to get up early to stand on these lines for sample sales. We just Hate waiting. However, if you want to get some new designer for a great price you have to get up to get something good at the sale. Waking up early for clothes is a drag but catching deals is great! it’s a love/hate thing when it comes to sample sales.

4. Ending up on the blogs:


If you believe you’re very stylish and chic, then being ignored by street fashion photographers is most likely something that you hate. Who wouldn’t want to be noticed by the legendary Scott Schuman and end up on The Sartorialist just because of the outfit you had on. Being recognized through other peoples blogs because of your sense of style  is an orgasm to our eyes and ears.

5. Hate Missing out:

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Fashion lovers hate when they miss out on the latest news on their favorite brands and for upcoming collaborations. For example many people did not know about the Isabel Marant collaboration with H&M, which was shocking because it was on almost every fashion blog. Missing out on the latest because you did not have the knowledge of it is stressful. However, that should be no excuse because these days social media is our new form of news. We know whats going on in the world via Instagram, Facebook, and whatever other social media outlets you use.

6. USPS and Fedex playing with your emotions:

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You ordered that knit sweater a week ago and it still did not come in yet. As we previously stated we hate to wait  and the mail is taking too long to come. Fashion addicts who are online shoppers usually pay extra for express shipping and check daily to see where their item is with the tracking number. Do not play with our time mail companies.


We all have things we hate to do but still end up doing them. For the love of fashion. Till next time stay stylish my friends.