#TheBreakdownTV “Should Women Feel More Comfortable With The Big “O”? ” [Video]


MaseTV Founder and CEO JeroslynDiva is part of a new powerful web series that showcases millennial women of color openly discussing their views on some of the most controversial topics as they pertain to current popular culture.

“The Breakdown” is a weekly web series starring three young professionals, Entrepreneur Jeroslyn Johnson (@jeroslyndiva) , Model/Actress Krystal Garner (@mskgxo) , and Journalist Selena Hill (@msselenahill) who aren’t afraid to be honestly speak their peace on major topics within modern society.

In the third episode of the season watch as the hosts hold nothing back when discussing the Big “O” and women’s comfortability with demanding an orgasm during sex.

Should women be more comfortable with demanding their Big “O”? #MakeAStatement