The World’s Most Valuable Fashion Brands


Via: StyleBlazer

Whoever thought the business of fashion is one that’s not worth investing in, is clearly off their A-game. In fact, the fashion market has become one of the most profiting industries there is to date – and now there are numbers to prove it!

Thanks to recently released figures from global consultant, Interbrand, there’s now solid proof of the top ten most valuable fashion labels in the world. And before we go even further, we have to tell you that they’re NOT all luxury brands! To no surprise, a few fast fashion labels have taken the reign when it comes to bringing in the big money.

Combined together, the top 10 fashion brands are worth an astonishing $121.74 billion. How’s that for a dominant market?

1. Louis Vuitton: $22.55 billion

2. H&M: $21.08 billion

3. Nike: $19.86 billion

4. Zara: $12.13 billion

5. Gucci: $10.39 billion

6. Hermes: $8.98 billion

7. Cartier: $7.45 billion

8. Adidas: $7.38 billion

9. Prada: $5.98 billion

10. Tiffany: 5.94 billion