The War Continues: Marc Jacobs vs. Kidult-Fashion vs. Graffiti


Marc Jacobs does it again!!! Back in 2011 when famous graffiti artist Kidult tagged “ART” in front of the designers store in Soho, Marc Jacobs retaliated and created the Art by Art Jacobs which was retailed for $686.

k art

Kidult retaliated by tagging 686 on the Paris branch of Marc Jacobs store in reference of the price that the shirt was sold. I highly respect Kidult for having the guts for continuing this war with such a big designer in the fashion industry. He did not let Marc Jacobs hinder his art and he is continuing to get his message across to the underground graffiti culture.

To many people graffiti is considered vandalism, but graffiti is an art form of expression, just like poetry, music, or dance.

k 686

However, like before, Marc Jacobs did not just sit back and let Kidult have his way. History repeated it’s self when Marc Jacobs released another pricey T-shirt with the image of the tagged Paris branch.

Guess what price the T-shirt is retailed for….. yup you’re correct $686!!!!

686 t shirt

In addition the Paris branch employees fired back at Kidult when they took a photo at a restaurant wearing 686 hats with the caption under he photo saying: “Celebrating @therealkidult in #Paris tonight. Our hats off to you.”

Will the madness ever stop ?

Both artist are very talented I just hope they settle this quarrel and team up because I know they can make some real dope clothes together.
i dont give

Stay Stylish my friends.