#MustRead: The Ultimate Guide To Internships (For Grads & Career Changers)


College students around the world have dreams of turning their internship experience into a career-building launchpad for their future. Well now there’s a book to help you accomplish your goal!

The Ultimate Guide to Internships: 100 Steps To Get A Great Internship And Thrive In It”  provides top notch professional advice on how to make the most out of your internship, and get a jumpstart on starting your career after college.


Author Eric Woodard, who got his start as a star intern in the White House, has mentored hundreds of interns as they transition in their careers to something bigger and better. In the powerful internship guide, Woodard lays out the basics of the internship process, the questions to ask when applying, and the best courses of action for turning an internship into a desirable career.

Whether you’re looking for a job after college or you’re embarking on a career change, The Ultimate Guide to Internships will give you excellent professional advice on getting to the next level.

The book offers expert advice on such topics as:

• How to identify high-impact internships

• How to choose the right internship for you

• How to impress your employer

• What to expect on the job

• How to network effectively in the work environment

• Paid vs. unpaid internships

• How to transition to a full-time job 


The Ultimate Guide to Internships is an excellent resource for recent college graduates or for people looking to transition into a new field.

With practical advice from employers, this book guides the reader in making the best possible decisions and finding the most efficient path to career success. This book is a must-read for the new generation of overqualified and underpaid workers, a real time-saver and moneymaker.

So what are you waiting for?! Get your copy today! 


About the Author

Eric Woodard has created and managed internship programs at the White House, US Senate, and the State Department, and currently serves as Director of Internships and Fellowships at the Smithsonian. He holds a doctorate ABD in Human and Organizational Learning from George Washington University, and is the author of numerous books on internships focusing on practical steps students can implement immediately. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia.