The Top Eight Good Things About Reality TV


Whether you want to admit it or not, reality tv has taken over the world. Shows like “Love and Hip Hop”, “Basketball Wives”, “Preachers of LA”, “Bad Girls Club”, and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” are widely watched and Tweeted about, by millions!

There are many celebrities today who became famous by exploiting themselves on a popular reality television show. Though there are many critics of reality tv who refuse to support the movement, the reality tv business will continue to flourish.

We live in a day and age when most tv watchers would rather watch a live camera following someone around who’s drunk and acting a fool, rather than watch a scripted television show based on a financially stable family. 


The more drama and shock factor, the more ratings. Reality tv runs the world, so get with it or get lost.

However, despite the variety of hot messes we see on reality tv, there are actually a few benefits to partaking in the reality tv shenanigans.

Below are 8 good things about watching reality tv:

1. Unfortunately A Reflection of Real Life


With all the criticism reality tv recevies for being full of sensationalism and scripted drama, the fact of the matter is that it’s all still a representation of real life. Women are pulling each other’s weaves out, fighting over men and gossip, men are cheating on their women, people are having disagreements, families still have drama, and the list goes on. Reality television only works to bring all of these issues to the forefront in a way that people can be entertained by, while learning from.

2. They Show You What NOT to do


If there’s one thing for certain, reality television can show all of us what NOT to do when trying to live a purposeful life. Many mothers are able to learn what not to do when raising their children, young girls can see the consequences of representing yourself a certain way, and many couples are able to see what is needed to make a relationship survive. Instead of looking down on reality tv, look at the lessons it teaches you instead.

3. You Can Easily Eecome a Celebrity


The celebrity that comes along with broadcasting your personal life on national television is a gift and a curse. To think that one can simply let a camera follow them around for a few weeks and get paid thousands of dollars from it sounds like a pretty good business deal. However, with letting the world in on your private life this opens the door for large amounts of strangers having personal opinions on your life. However, if you know how to spend wisely you can enjoy your new found wealth while ignoring anything a hater has to say.

4. There’s So Many for You to Watch, You Can Never be Bored


No matter what day of the week it is there is more than likely a hit reality show on. Sunday- Housewives, Monday- LVHH, Tuesday- BGC, and the list goes on. They usually give us a break on Fridays and Saturdays. But during the work week, our television sets can be fixated on the latest tea being spilled on our favorite reality tv stars. With so much variety no matter what age group, ethnicity, or culture you come from, there is something for you.

5. Guys Know What type of Girls NOT to date


Instead of looking at the glass half empty (that most reality tv chicks are setting bad examples for young girls), why not look at the glass as half full (that most reality tv chicks are showing our young boys what type of girls NOT to date). Granted most females on reality tv are extremely attractive, you also get a chance to see how much baggage these gorgeous girls come with. As a parent you should be willing to have a sit down with your son or daughter and educate them on the consequences of behaving like the ratchets they see on tv.

6. Reality Stars Are Usually Only Relevant for 15 Minutes

Though many are frustrated with the popularity of such reality tv stars like Joseline Hernandez, Kenya Moore, Natalie Nunn, and the list goes on. The added benefit to this is unless they’re saved by someone with more fame and power (i.e. Kim Kardashian), the usually only have about 15-20 minutes of fame. Kenya Moore barely makes media headlines unless she bust her butt on a fashion runway, and Natalie Nunn hasn’t been relevant since about late 2009…….let them live while they can. They’ll be gone soon.

7. They’re Not That Smart


What’s more entertaining than watching someone with little to no common sense make a fool of themsevles on national television. If these people are willing to exploit their lack of knowledge for fame and popularity, then why not enjoy the entertainment while it last. Thank you Porsha Stewart!

8. Great Way to Remind Yourself That Things Could be Worse


Despite the fact that these reality stars are rich and famous, a blind man could see how emotionally damaged many of these people are. For anyone who enjoys partaking in the foolery braodcasted on their television sets by reality tv stars, don’t be ashamed! These people are living testiments on how life could be if you were more concerned with chasing a man than chasing your career, family, or self worth. One thing we can learn from reality tv is how important it is to love yourself.