The Sex of Kirk and Rasheedah’s Baby Has Been Revealed. It’s A ……….

Via Bossip:

Rasheeda was in LA this past weekend for the BET Awards. The reality star was nominated for an award and chatted with Hip Hollywood while on the red carpet on her baby’s name and gender:

I do know. I have a name and I know what I’m having but I can’t tell you. Y’all gotta stay locked in on television Monday nights, VH1, 8 o’clock.”

Rasheeda later talked about her relationship status with punk azz Kirk Frost:

“You know what, it’s a work in progress. Still working on it. We’re here together because he’s such an influential part of my career. And he’s here, holding me down because I’m nominated for Best Female Hip Hop Artist. On the personal side, we’re trying to make it work.”

Divorce or not?

“Not specifically, but it all depends on how he (Kirk) balances it all out.”

After Rasheeda finished her interview, Kirk answered questions and slipped up and revealed they are having another boy.

“I’m getting used to it. I’ve been a father for a long time. So I’m adjusting. II’m getting used to it. I’m happy. I can’t wait to meet him.”

Mona Scott and VH1 ain’t going to be happy about this one! Watch the full interview below:

Source: Bossip