Boycott Donald Trump-Affiliated Retailers With the #GrabYourWallet Movement


Customers are being asked to boycott at least 50 businesses that support Donald Trump and Trump-related products and affiliates in response to the growing frustration with the President-elect.

According to TIME, the #GrabYourWallet movement was launched last month in an effort to protest Donald Trump’s statements about sexual assault.


However, now amid an uprise in hate crimes and racial/social unrest following his election “win”, the movement has now grown and is calling for people to boycott companies and individuals that stock products sold by Trump family businesses, and/or companies headed by Trump supporters.

One of its founders, Shannon Coulter, told CBS Moneywatch on Thursday that some Trump critics were looking to channel their disapproval through their spending and encouraged them to boycott companies that support him.

“College-educated women in particular are well aware of the epic consumer power they wield, and they’re flexing that power,” Coulter told CBS.


The campaign has already seen one victory when removed Ivanka Trump’s shoes from its website, according to CBS. However, the movement is requesting for shoppers to avoid purchasing products from Nordstrom, Amazon, Macy’s, Sears, TJ Maxx, among others. In total, the list includes nearly 50 companies that are widely loved by American shoppers.

For those disappointed about the outcome of the election, you can join the #GrabYourWallet movement as well as donate to charities like Planned Parenthood and Greenpeace who may be threatened by a Trump presidency.

Donald Trump Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony For The Trump International Hotel In Washington, D.C.

For a full list of companies on the boycott, and which Trump products they stock, check out complete this list.