The Do’s And Don’t Of The Army Jacket


Army jackets seems to be a classic look that are not going out of style anytime soon. But you don’t want to be the girl sporting any ole army jacket just to fit in.

Here are some tips to a perfect army jacket:

1. Keep the rest of your look feminine. Wear fitted jeans and heels to keep the look ladylike.

2. Don’t wear it too oversized. If you rock a size way to large it can make the look too masculine.

3. Look for ones with a cute details like leather accents or add gaudy brooches. This will make your army jacket stand out from the rest.

4. Stay away from large pockets. Not only does it look bulky, but your a lady, that what a purse is for.

5. Don’t forget structure is everything. Look for army jackets more tailored to your body.


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