The Absolute DO NOTS of a Grown & Sexy Event

Man in bad outfit
Man in bad outfit

RIP we just killed the club!! But not if the dress code was grown and sexy and you came in with those black square toed loafers.  I’m getting ahead of myself. How are you all doing on this fine day? The GM here again ready to feed inquiring fashionable minds.  I come on here and speak on what a gentleman should do. But never enough on what he shouldn’t be doing

Chances are when I go out with my boys, I’m laughing at you and your team.  A lot of you guys dress God awful at upscale events and it’s not your fault, no one taught you any better. Subscribe to MaseTV because I am here for your betterment. If you are about to hit the club, avoid the below like the plague. Or like the ugly fat friend twerking to “Pop That”


Square Toed Loafers – If you are reading this, chances are you aren’t a 40 year old Jamaican father of 4 driving a dollar van waiting for the next fete to tunup.  So why do you still wear these square toed travesties? Literally the bane of any menswear fashion enthusiast’s existence, the square toed loafer needs to be rounded up, put in a large pile and set ablaze.  These shoes will ruin ANY outfit. RUIN! FOREVER! DEAD! No really, stop wearing these shits. There’s so many other better selections.


Pre Tied Bowties – I’m just going to say this. If you can’t tie a bow tie, then don’t wear a pre-tied one. Just wear a real tie (hopefully you can tie that) and save the bow ties for the Muslims and the real men.  Pre-tied are only acceptable with certain tuxedos. The problem with pre-tied bow ties is that is it’s TOO perfect. The beauty of a bow tie is that it should be a little disheveled, a little off, a tad bit rugged, and far from perfect. If you’re in the club with a pre-tied ANYTHING, go home and don’t do anything social until you learn how to tie one. Grow up.

columbus short shirt

Print on Print (Pattern on Pattern) – Camo became the biggest thing since Olivia Pope a few years back. But no one got the memo on the rules to rocking Camo. Rule number 1 of Camo (with most prints) is only one article of clothing can have that print. People come out the house looking like they are trying to hide from someone on Call of Duty with all that Camo on.  My advice, if you have to wear Camo or any bold print to the club, wear a solid colored layering piece like a navy cotton blazer or a merino cardigan.  Even a crew neck to just show the pattern on the shirt collar. Subtly with prints is the key. This also goes for heavily monogrammed pieces like Gucci, Burberry, etc.


white socks

White Socks – There are so many other colors of the spectrum. Black, navy, red, purple, chartreuse, periwinkle, sky blue, etc. Why are you wearing white socks. With lace up oxfords none the less. You aren’t a 55 year old Chinese Restaurant owner. Burn those joints bro.



Belt and Suspenders – Suspenders serve as a belt when worn. So wearing a belt and suspenders is like wearing a tie and a bow tie at the same time.  I’ve seen it before and it kills me each time.  Honestly you shouldn’t wear clip on suspenders either, only the ones that latch onto the inside of your trousers. And only certain pants have that. So if you not on level 76 of Menswear, don’t even bother.


givenchy chain

Accessory Game Fail – Its not always about clothes! Your accoutrements are just as likely to have you looking like an idiot. Gold chains, gaudy watches, mismatching belt/shoe color combo, Cam’ron earrings will have you looking crazy. Keep the accessories to a minimum and understated.  Let your outfit, swag and yourself do the talking.  Also, tone down on the cologne. Smelling like Macy’s first floor.

The best way to go to a grown and sexy event is to be regular. People try and go over the top and end up looking like Homie the Clown. One more thing. If you’re going to wear a pocket square, make sure it coordinates with your shirt color and doesn’t match your tie. Thank me Later

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