The Debate Over Personhood: What You Need to Know About the Next Big Abortion Fight


In the July issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine writer Abigail Pesta shed light on a very important topic that effects so many young women today. Abortion has been a controversial topic for decades now, and it probably always will be. The decision for a mother to decide whether or not she should keep her child or not has been such a sensitive case for many. Whether it`s because of your religion, or scientific beliefs, the decision to keep a child still coms down to person that will have to carry that baby for 9 months and raise them properly.

However, the major battle recently has come to the debate over “personhood”. The “personhood” movement aims to define embryos as people with legal rights, and the people who support this belief are gaining ground across the country.


Those against personhood say that women`s reproductive rights are at a stake. As of 2013 a total of 13 states, including Kansas and Mississippi, have introduced bills and ballot initiatives that would legally declare embryos as people and limit a woman`s reproductive rights.

Abortion rights advocates are shocked and alarmed that by giving full constitutional rights to a fertilized egg would allow the government to control every aspect of reproduction. This puts all forms of birth control and infertility treatments (like IVF) at major risk of being abolished.

President Obama referred to personhood rights as “absurd” and “an assault on women`s rights.” The President of Personhood USA says that most birth control wouldn’t be affected only some infertility treatments would be modified to be respectful of life and to ensure that embryos aren’t discarded.


So now we want to know what you think. At MaseTV we discuss the biggest issues involving urban popular culture, and this is definitely a topic worth taking into consideration, as abortions are always higher among young ethnic women. Do you believe a person becomes a person as soon as conception???

You have to fight for your rights, or else people who know nothing about you and your life will continue to make decisions for you. Speak up, or continue to be controlled.

Be Bold. Stand Out. Make A Statement!!!


Should embryos be considered as people with full constitutional rights?
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