The 7 Benefits to Being A Thrifter


I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 dollars in my pocket! Macklemore said it best. Back in the day thrifting was once almost frowned upon, wearing someone else’s clothes? But ever since Macklemore created the hit song ‘Thrift Shop’ the act has almost become mainstream. I never been ashamed and neither should you!

Here are 7 benefits on being a thrifter.


1. You save money. By buying things 2nd hand you pockets stay a little fatter. You go from dropping 200 on a really good pair of jeans to dropping 30. That’s a huge difference. It will change your whole perspective on quantity and what you should be paying for it.

2. Your wardrobe becomes completely different than everyone else’s. Once you start thrifting you will no longer catch you self at the club with the same H&M dress the girl across from you has on.

3. You create your own personal sense of style. As you become a regular thrifter you will start to see how different your style of clothing is compared to everyone else.


4. The complements start to flow. Not that your looking for attention but when you buy that special piece from the thrift store random people notice it and hit you with the “Where did you get that from?”

5. If you get tired of it, sell it. It’s called recycling, the minute you don’t want the clothes in closet you can sell it and create a whole new wardrobe.

6. You brag about how cheap you are. Your not a ashamed to let people know how much your thrifting pieces cost because you yourself are amazed at the deal you got. Balling on a budget.

7. You can afford to do more. Because your money is no longer going to materialistic things you can spend that extra money save in to living life and having fun. More vacations, concerts, dinners, parties, the choices are endless.

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