#ThatsSoDraya: Draya Attempts to Clap Back at Haters on Twitter Over Her Bad Parenting Past

In new #ThatsSoDraya news, the Mother of The Year Draya Michele is still getting public backlash from her past case of child neglect toward her son.

In case you were living under a rock, Draya she was found guilty of child endangerment back in 2010 for leaving her then 7-year-old son in Wyomissing, Pa. while she was busy at her late-night stripper shift.

Yesterday while updating her iPhone the reality tv star tried to stand up for herself against her haters but…….you know they went in. LOL

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LMAOOOO We’re honestly wondering when this will get old, but these tweets are too hilarious, especially since she’s so busy living the life of a childless playmate.

Source: Bossip