Teen Cries For Beyonce After Dentist Appointment [Video]


This video is hilarious. We’re sure Beyonce approves.


Via NYDailyNews

Waking up from dental surgery is always a trip.

The poor teen recorded by his mother post-operation was not too pleased with the reality that he was stuck in a car with his mother and not Beyoncé.

“Where’s Beyoncé? She told me she’d be here,” wailed Cody Lanphere as blood-soaked gauze poked out of his mouth. “She lied to me.”

The groggy 17-year-old was unable to properly identify parts of his numbed face such as a chin and nose that he promptly began to pick on camera.


He simply assumed the worst when a dose of Valium began to take hold on their way to his family’s North Carolina farm.

“I’m going into paralysis,” Cody whined.

The patient’s mother kept on driving even though the delirious Cody rode a 12-minute roller coaster of paranoia. In that time, he believed he lost his heart, choked on bloody gauze, lost all his teeth and assumed the FBI was out to get him.