Tara Wallace & Amina Buddafly Beef Over Getting Pregnant By Peter Gunz At The Same Time [Pics]


It was officially announced on the latest episode of “Love and Hip Hop NY” that both of Peter Gunz lady loves were both pregnant with his babies at the same time.

Last week Amina Buddafly revealed that she had made the executive decision to undergo an abortion procedure over Peter’s infidelity and not wanting to bring another child into the drama that is their relationship.

However, many were shocked when the woman Peter originally left for Amina, revealed that she too is now pregnant by her Baby Daddy for the third time.


After the show aired Tara Wallace took to Instagram to make the official announcement of her pregnancy. tara tara2

Tara’s announcement was of course met by loads of slanders from fans of the show who feel Tara is just as foolish as Amina for getting pregnant by Peter yet again.

tara-critics tara-critics2

Tara then posted a message where she attempted to clapback at her critics and express how happy she and her two sons are for the arrival of the new baby.

tara3 tara4

Tara then took to Twitter to attempt to call out Amina for originally sleeping with a man in a relationship before she did. Tara claims that Amina only married Peter for citizenship purposes and not out of love.

tara5 tara6

Amina caught wind of the shade and issued her own.

amina amina2

YIKES! It’s so crazy how these two women fight back and forth while Peter continues to use and abuse both of them. Smh

We believe this will be Peter’s 9th or 10th child…..we lost count.