#DoYouAgree T-Pain Says Aaliyah Became Iconic Because Of Her Death [Video]


T-Pain recently dropped his DJ Drama hosted mixtape, “The Iron Way”, which features a long list of collaborations including Yo Gotti, Migos, The-Dream, K Camp, Bun B, and a very surprising appearance by the late R&B singer Aaliyah.

T-Pain explained during a recent listening that the song “Girlfriend” made many fans call him out saying he wasn’t worthy of using the late Aaliyah’s vocals. T-Pain explained how he feels Aaliyah’s legacy has been altered because of her death, and that if she were still alive, she’d be accused of “trying to be Beyonce” like every other R&B singer.


“People tend to–I don’t know man– I’m not trying to discredit Aaliyah in any kind of way. But you know how sometimes when people die–yeah. You know how somebody’s an a**hole their whole life, but when you go to their funeral it’s like ‘This guy was the greatest man that ever walked…’ No, I’m just sayin’! No, I’m not saying Aaliyah. But it’s like because she passed, nobody is deserving of being next to her. Nobody’s good enough. Nobody is good enough because she passed. If she was still alive, then everybody would’ve been like, ‘Oh! She’s tryna be Beyoncé!’ If she were still alive right now. But now that she’s passed, it’s like ‘Nobody could be her! Nobody could be her!’ That’s just how I feel.”

Check out the video below. The Q&A begins around the 2:50 mark.


Do you agree with T-Pain? Did Aaliyah’s death cause her brand to become more iconic?  Comment below. #MakeAStatement

  • Regina

    Tpain shut ur ugly crusty ass up! Aaliyah was before beyonce dumbass so how would she be trying to be like her??? If anything beyonce was somewhat mocking aaliyah..theyd just be neck and neck. You got nerve to talk shit but using her vocals…i hope she haunt yo bitch ass and hope she cussing and turnin over in her grave.smh.