T.I. Says He’ll Charge His Own Son for A Verse

Rapper T.I. loves music and loves his family. But in an interview with VladTV, the two subjects happened to merge.

During the interview, the subject of his children following in their fathers’ footsteps came up. “I used to tell [my son], ‘This not good enough.’ But now, he played something for me last night, and he’s on the fast track. Now I can listen to it, and take it seriously.”

Asked whether he would collaborate with his son, T.I. replied that it would cost him. “I tell my son, ‘You can’t afford me,'” said Tip, before adding,. “I’ll give him a discount. I’ll work with him.”

Why be so hard on your son T.I.?!?! The Atlanta Rapper stated, “I want to make sure he has no delusion in his mind that just because you’re T.I.’s son, that entitles you to certain things that other people have to pay for,” he explained. “I tell mine, ‘You gotta work your way up to me, man. You gotta go do some verses with some other people, first. Then come back. …You think you can walk in here and just have a song with T.I.? What have you done?”


T.I.’s family is the subject of his hit vH1 reality show “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” . The show’s third season premiered this past April.

Tip is currently touring with Lil Wayne, French Montana and 2 Chainz on the “America’s Most Wanted Tour.”


Source: HipHopDX