T.I. Criticized For Sharing Article on Reasoning for Lack of Black Wealth in America


#ForDiscussion: Atlanta rapper/actor T.I. has been filling his timeline with inspirational and educational posts for all of his followers, but especially the Black community.

The Mogul, who is in South Africa on a reflective retreat, decided to share a message about the reasoning behind the lack of generated wealth within the Black community.

However despite T.I.’s attempts to educate the Black community, one follower was not feeling his gesture.

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The followers’ frustration caught T.I.’s attention and he took the time to respond back to her and further explain his reasoning.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.42.52 PM

They both make good points. But respect to T.I. for getting the conversation going. That is what helps ignite real change.

Do you agree with T.I.’s post? #MakeAStatement

Source: Bossip