Swizz Beatz Baby Mother Calls Out Alicia Keys For Being A Hypocrite On Refugees [Pics]


Grammy-Award winning R&B singer Alicia Keys is starring in a new short film that aims to urge Americans to empathize with immigrants and refugees being forced to flee their homes.

While many people are praising Alicia for her empowering efforts, someone close to her husband Swizz Beatz is calling her out for her hypocrisy.


Jahna Sebastian, one of Swizz’ baby mama’s, who is not a native American citizen, was fighting to gain her immigrant status a few years back, and she claims Alicia never offered to help her avoid being deported.

She still seems upset about Alicia’s disregard for her possible deportation and is frustrated with Alicia now attempting to raise awareness around the issues surrounding the refugee community.


Take a look at her Tweets below following the release of Alicia’s new short film.


Watch the short film below.

Hmmmm. Seems like there is always someone attempting to come for Alicia’s shine.