Style Over Fashion: Making An Outfit Look Like $1,000 When It Really Cost $150


Do you need to have the fanciest of labels to be fashionable? Better yet, do you need to spend $500 or more on one garment to be fashionable ?

The answer is NO!

Not all of us in this life were blessed with large bank accounts to afford the finest of fine. However, you can still look trendy without having to spend $500 or more for an outfit.

By all means if you can afford to splurge on Channel, Givenchy, and Christian Dior go for it.

However, it is not required to. Spending an abundance on clothes it just means you have expensive taste in clothes, it does not mean you have an eye for stylish garments.

For example have you ever seen the guy who wears the big buckle Hermes Belt,  True religion denim jacket with the jeans to match, and a pair of American cup Prada sneakers?????

This is what I call “clashing of the brands”, and is a very typical trait if you I must say so myself.



Zara was once not as popular and trendy as it is today, and there was a time when H&M was not doing big collaborations with fashion houses such as Lanvin and Maison Martin Margiela.

However, because of these affordability and  accessibility of these two stores, people who do not have the means to afford high fashion now are blessed with the opportunity to still be trendy and fashionable without having to pay college tuition on a outfit.

For example, one of the trends amongst us that is very popular is the Leather Jogging Pant and Leather Biker Jeans. The cost for any leather trouser runs about $500-$1,500 when shopping at department stores such as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Barneys.




However, I recently bought a pair of leather biker jeans from Zara for $90. TALK ABOUT A SAVING BIG BUCKS!

Check them out below.





A lot of the time its not about how much you spend on an outfit, but more about making an outfit look like $1,000 when it really cost $150-$200 the most.

Nonetheless there are more stores where you can shop for cheap and put together an outfit that looks like it deserved to be on a runway during New York Fashion week or in multiple  style blogs.

Another trendy look that is very popular is the more relaxed comfortable look with sweatpants however, sweatpants these day are more fitted and not baggy. Check out the fitted sweatpants below.

IMG_3751 Till next time, Stay stylish !