Studies Show Black Men in NYC Pay $700 More for Car Insurance Than White Men


MaseTV has been dedicated to educating Americans on the truth behind the systematic oppression of African Americans still existing in modern times.

We have reported on the existing laws that have been voted on by both Republicans AND Democrats that legally allow banks and car dealerships to charge people of color more for bank and auto loans than they do white people.


So when considering the recent study that revealed how it would take the average Black family 228 years to generate the same wealth of an average white family, it should come as no surprise when laws like this are allowed to be in place. are a great example of the legally

This is also a perfect example of the legal economic wealth gap that is existent between whites and blacks that our government seems to be in full support of.

Guess Black Lives Matter when it’s time to vote, but not much after…..

Via: Raw Story

Black Americans pay higher auto insurance rates than white drivers, according to a report by

“According to the latest research, safe drivers in a black neighborhood will pay much more for auto insurance than a safe driver in a white neighborhood will,” according to the report. ” To be precise, if your neighborhood is 75% black (or higher), you can expect to pay 70% more for auto insurance. According to the study, the fictional white girl would supposedly pay just $622 annually for auto insurance. The fictional black girl would pay $1,060 annually.”

Men are also affected.

“According to the survey results, black men in New York City paid $2910 on average for auto insurance,” according to the site. “White men in New York City paid $2193 on average for auto insurance. In other words, black men have to pay more than $700 more than white men for the same auto insurance coverage.”

The striking results paint a partial picture of how racial disparities directly hit the pocketbooks of black drivers. The data is based on a study by the Consumer Federation of America, which found that overall, black motorists pay on average 70 percent more for mandatory insurance.


“Not only did black people pay the most for car insurance, they paid the most by a landslide,” according to 4AutoInsuranceQuote. “It was something that really concerned us… It’s something that should concern all Americans.”