Store Owner of Alton Sterling Shooting Suing Baton Rouge Police


The owner of the Baton Rouge convenience store where Alton Sterling was murdered by two police officers is fighting back by issuing a lawsuit against the police department for violating his civil rights and unlawfully confiscating video evidence of his friend getting murdered in cold blood by police.

One of Sterling’s sons is shown looking at a picture of his father in front of the mural.


The convenience store owner who captured Alton Sterling’s death on video said police stole the surveillance video from his store, took his cell phone and locked him in a car for four hours.

Abdullah Muflahi, who owns the Baton Rouge Triple S Food Mart where Sterling was killed on July 5, claims that police confiscated his phone and locked him in the car, in a lawsuit filed with the Baton Rouge district court.

According to the lawsuit, police took surveillance equipment and video from the Triple S Food Mart without a warrant, as well as Muflahi’s cell phone with the video of the shooting.

(Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

The store owner was then locked in the back of the police car for four hours, he said.

“I felt like a criminal at the time, and there’s one of the detectives that I knocked on the window and told him it was really hot and I asked if I could sit outside by the car. And he just got really angry and started saying ‘you need to chill the f–k out until we get this because we’re handling something right now,’” Muflahi told the Daily News.

“It wasn’t right and I shouldn’t have been treated like I was the one who shot the guy. They didn’t handcuff me or read me any rights. They just put me in the back of a car. The seat was really hot and it felt like I was sitting on hot coals.”