Stop The Basic Burberry Rain Boots Trend: Top Namebrand Fashionable Rain Boots


Every time there is a rainy day we can all predict what the basic chick will wear BURBERRY RAIN BOOTS. Although Burberry is a top designer, it has become cliche to wear after everyone and their mama got their hands on it.

There are other designer brands that make stylish rain boots to wear besides Burberry ladies…..and gents :)


These Prada rain boots are super cute. The fact that their mid size and not tall makes them wearable all year long. You can get these at DSW for around $250.


Missoni are known for there crazy patterns. They are amongst top designers and best of all these babies will only cost you around $150 at DSW!


Ladies we already love Jeffery Campbell heels, well he also makes rain boots. These rain boots are only $70 at Urban Outfitters.


These Marc Jacob rain boots are my own personal choice for the rain. Marc Jacob are on of the best known designers, but I got mine from a thrift shop called ‘Buffalo Exchange’ for only $28!

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