STM Bags: Axis Small Laptop Sleeve [Review]


 STM bags are known for providing the most comfortable support for all of your digital gear. We’ve got our hands on one of their Small Axis Laptop Sleeve for 13 inch models. This sleeve was perfect, since it allowed just the right amount of things in it with great protection. Lets check out some more of the features in detail.

 Key Features

  • Made from water resistant Santori nylon and features a slim shape and a protective design with snug high density padding
  • Soft brushed nylex lining to keep your device safe from bumps, scratches, dings, and all types of wear and tear
  • Two exterior zipper pockets offer added storage for your cell phone, pens, cables and chargers, or other small accessories 
  • Grab handle and an adjustable shoulder strap


The sleeve is very simple and effective. It has a front zipper pocket for pens and whatever other accessories you would usually carry around. For me it was my phone charger, earbuds and my wallet. Along the side there is also another zipper pocket, perfect for your phone. The main slot for the laptop is spacious and will fit most 13 inch models. I can fit my 13 inch Macbook air with the hard case on it inside of this sleeve with no issue. There’s even a bit of room left. The inside is very padded and safe so even if you were to drop the sleeve your laptop would most likely be fine.

On the back, there is a handle, if you wish to carry it that way. You can also use the adjustable strap to hold it over your shoulder. These are stitched in very well and are very sturdy so if your 13 inch has a bit more weight you would be fine.



The Small Axis laptop sleeve is a very durable laptop case that has just the right amount of pockets. The slim fit makes it very attractive and it’s also very suitable for carrying to work. The fact that it’s water resistant is great. If you find yourself accidentally spilling your coffee, you’ll be alright, your goodies won’t get wet. I’m not saying get caught in a rainstorm though……

The adjustable shoulder strap is very sturdy but they are hard to remove. It’s a good thing because you know it won’t fall off your arm, but it’s annoying when you want to take it off to just carry it by the handle. Not the biggest problem but it’s worth mentioning. Overall, you can use this as your main bag if you don’t carry much because the additional pockets allow you to carry some extra things. It’s durable and simple so it’s a perfect fit for everyone who want’s their electronics protected well. It’s stylish and very functional, so you can’t go wrong.


The Small Axis sleeve retails for $44.99 but you can click HERE to get it at a discounted rate from one of STM’s online partners.

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