Spring 2014 Basics Every Man Should Have In Their Closet


With the Spring season rolling in, it’s definitely time for a wardrobe change fellas.

Get rid of the dark colors, leather jeans, and heavy jackets. It’s time to go SHOPPING  and pick up the Spring basic essentials.

1001065_1Common Projects- Common Projects are one of the best kept secrets in the sneaker game. They are true to their name “COMMON”  they do not scream flashy like a pair of Red bottoms but they are very trendy  and the perfect sneaker for the spring when you just want hang out with the boys. If you want a pair check out the Common Projects website.


Denim Jacket- If you don’t have one get one soon. Everyman needs one of these jackets in their closet. The denim jacket is timeless, it keeps you warm from the light winds, and you look totally bad ass. Get one for the spring fellas. You can find denim jackets at stores like Gap, H&M, Zara, Atrium, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Etc…



Commes Des Garcons x Converse- Another great pair of sneakers for the spring, They are not the regular pair of converse because of Fashion house Parisian brand Commes Des Garcons add a little splash to them with their well know Heart Logo. These are only for the Brave fellas, Non-stylish don’t dare. Just joking.



White T’s-  “Fuck a throwback I look clean in my white tee” Yes you can never have to many white tees in your closet. White Tee’s go with everything in your wardrobe, a fresh Tee can go a long way. Stack up on your White Tee fellas.



Ray-Ban Shades-  Get your Ray-Ban Shades everyone, They are cool, Timeless, and inexpensive compared to the other high end brands of sunglasses.


Plaid Shirt- Plaid shirts are very fashionable. You can rock one in the spring without the need of a wearing a light jacket due to the fact these shirts keep you warm already because of the  thickness of the fabric. Nonetheless, plaid shirts are very trendy you can never go wrong with having one these shirts in your closet. You can find a cool plaid shirts at J. Crew, Gap, H&M, Zara, Top Shop, etc…

replay-my-own-room-mens-collection-2011-2012-fall-winter-distressed-light-wash-boot-cut-jeansLight Washed Denim-  Put away your waxed Denim jeans, Hard Denims, and leather Joggers because spring is here there is no need for them. Light washed Jeans are here, remember spring are light colors drop the dark colors. The Darker the hotter remember that.



Vans- “Got my Vans on and they look like sneakers” I was just browsing the web and I spotted these. Vans is the ultimate spring shoe, NO you do not have to be a skater to wear these. If you are looking to purchase these go and check out  Vans.



Shorts- As the weather gets warmer the less clothes we start to wear. On a 90 degree day Shorts will do you just right. For the guys who don’t like wearing shorts for crying out loud get a pair because you make us hotter when we look at you walking in the streets lol. All seriousness get your self some shorts its a necessity for the spring.



Fellas gear up and start your shopping because Spring is here ! Till next time Stay Stylish.

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