Spotlight on Rick Owens: Paris Fashion Week Step/Fashion Show


Paris Fashion week is over but the GREATNESS that happened will forever be remembered.

MaseTV wantS to put the spotlight on the American born, Paris based  fashion designer Rick Owens.

Rick Owens is know for his futuristic goth, avant garde, and gothic edge clothes. “Rock Owens is in Mars year 2112 with his clothes.” said MaseTV blogger The GM.

  Rick Owens gets the spotlight due to his killer fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. Each year a designer tries to outdo what they did last year with their clothes and shows. Rick Owens took everyone breath away  with his diversity to fashion and took fashion to a whole new level.

Rick Owens used models of all shapes, size, and races to show case his new line. However, instead of Rick Owens taking the safe route and doing a regular fashion show, he instead incorporated a step show into his show.

The Fashion show was similar to my college days watching the fraternities and sororities stop the yard, talk about Making A Statemeant  …. WHAT A GREAT SHOW! check out the show below.