Sporty Meets Fashion Meets Function: The Backpack

Rihanna steps ashore in Japan for world premiere of Battleship
Rihanna steps ashore in Japan for world premiere of Battleship

With a woman’s busy life, function should come before anything. But that doesn’t mean we should take fashion away from it. Don’t you wish there was the ultimate bag that could take you from work, to the gym, to a stroll in the city? Well there is! It’s called a backpack.


I know what you’re thinking. A backpack? Isn’t that a bit juvenile and way too young for me to pull off? The answer is no. With the fitness epidemic at an all-time high, more ladies are being seen sporting backpacks, and more retail stores and designers are creating adorable yet functional versions to accommodate the lifestyle of your modern lady.

Urban Outfitters

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Fashion killed Rihanna has been rockin backpacks for years. Which style represents your look? Will you be afraid to step out your comfort zone and try the latest backpack trend?

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