Speedy 15-Minute Daily Cardio Routine Anyone Can Do


We all would like to work out more, but finding the time within our hectic daily lives seems damn near IMPOSSIBLE!

However, with short and sweet daily workout routines, we can maintain a healthy physical lifestyle, while also maintaining our busy everyday lives.

Try this very short daily workout routine, and get your body ready for the summer!

Young Woman Doing Pushups on Bench

Postpone stretching until bedtime. By stretching before bed, as opposed to before you exercise, allows you to gain flexibility while you relax.

Slip in some toning. Choose five basic moves, such as push-upsplankssquatstriceps dips, and lunges, which all work your major muscles, then do a set of each whenever you can during your day. Try this for starters: get out of bed, and do 15 squats, then try and do 15 more while getting dressed and another 15 while waiting for your coffee to brew. You can even sneak in a few squats and push-ups while you’re at work and no one is looking…..


Skip the cool-down procedure. Studies show that when it comes to injury prevention and post-workout soreness, there’s little to no benefit in doing a formal cool-down. Instead, a few minutes of easy walking around the locker room, or the back of your office should be enough.

Try these tips, and see that belly bulge begin to fade away…..


Source: FitnessMagazine