Solange Addresses Beyonce’s Grammy Snub & Rumors Surface on Why Bey Lost “On Purpose”


Black America is completely pi**ed off over Beyonce‘s Grammy snub on Sunday night.

Despite releasing a number one album that included R&B, Rock, and Country, Beyonce lost the Album of the Year award to an empathetic Adele who admitted during her acceptance speech that she did not think she deserved the award.

Beyonce’s outspoken younger sister Solange has since taken to Twitter to address the Grammy snub and motivate the Black community to create.

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So just why did Beyonce get snubbed? Rumors are surfacing that suggest the Grammys accused Beyonce of trying to “run the table” with nominations by creating an album that included multiple music genres.

According to an anonymous source who spoke with The New York Times:

“In September, about 70 members of the Rock Sorting Committee met to discuss, among other topics, whether “Don’t Hurt Yourself” is a rock song. Beyoncé wrote, produced and recorded the song with Jack White, and they used a Led Zeppelin sample.

“We played it for the group,” Mr. Freimuth said. “There wasn’t all that much discussion. Everybody said, ‘That’s a rock song.’”

According to a senior music executive who attended the meeting, and spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the internal deliberations, there was a “very spirited debate that took maybe five minutes” and included several voters’ suspicions that by recording a rock song and a country song (“Daddy Lessons”) on her album “Lemonade,” Beyoncé was trying to “run the table” on nominations in a diverse group of categories.”

SMH. Politics as usual. At least we all know who really deserved to win AOTY.