What Happened to the Sneaker Culture ??? Post for the True Sneakerheads


Back in my younger days I use to be the biggest sneaker head, I mean from buying every pair of Jordan’s that released every other month to looking out for the coolest foams to drop.

But as I got older the ionic sneakers that I once adored before Nike started coming out with some BS sneakers which pushed me away from purchasing basketball sneakers for awhile. As a person who love sneakers I felt that the sneaker game culture has changed drastically. Am I the only person that believes certain sneakers should remain the same, NO NEW COLOR WAYS!….

For example an iconic sneaker like the Nike foamposite use to be so exclusive. Back in my younger days I could not get a pair because of my shoe size, my very first pair of foams were the eggplants then the following where the Copper foams.  Till this day these are my favorite foams of all the time.

securedownloadThis iconic sneaker use to be so exclusive. Now I feel that they drop a new color way every week, which is corny and making the value of these sneakers drop. I guess in a society like America, business is business and Nike got to do what they do and release kicks for the the hype beast that go out and purchase everything. Check out the terrible color ways of the foams.



I believe everyone has a pair of Jordan’s in their closet am I right or not ?….. nonetheless, the same rules apply to Jordan sneakers NO NEW COLOR WAYS! some color way should never have been thought of. However, compared to Nike foamposite the Jordan brand has way better new color way selections. For example the Jordan 11 is releasing a new color way this December for the Christmas release the black and gamma blue edition.



I know some poor child is going to end up dead on the streets when these drop because all of a sudden everyone is a sneaker head now a day. However, these new 11’s dropping are cool but they are not in the same level as previous 11’s that the legend Michael Jordan played in.



For those of you that appreciate the Jordan brand sneaker and wont purchase the new disgusting color ways they are dropping now there are still some retro Jordan’s they will be dropping before the year is done. Be on the look out for the Laney 5’s and yes the OG retro Black and red 1’s :) and the Taxi 12’s ….. I my self will be getting a pair of these sneakers when they drop. Laney 5’s are set to drop on November 2 of 2013, the OG 1’s will drop on December 28 right before the year ends and the taxi  12’s will be dropping on December 14th. Thank you Jordan for ending the year correct.


In other sneaker news, besides Foams and Jordan’s be on the look out for

Adidas Mutombo  Sneakers




Dark Knight GLC 



Marble Pack Nike Roshe 



To all my sneaker heads what really happen to sneaker culture ? Are you guys satisfied with sneakers, the hype beast, and new color ways ?  let me know what you guys think.

Till next time stay Stylish my friends.

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