Slam Poet Strongly Expresses What President Obama Means to Black Men [Video]


A slam poet powerfully detailed just what makes President Obama so special to many African Americans.

Actor and spoken-word artist Moises Morancy opens the poem on a daring note,

“Dear President Obama, n***a you ain’t s**t…That’s how some people feel but for us it’s the opposite.”

In the viral clip, which has already racked up over a million views on Facebook, Morancy goes on and praises Obama for being a positive representation of black manhood.

“When I see you, I see me. Full of dignity. A strong black figure all up on my TV…Under all of this pressure, we never collapsed. We are not inadequate, you exemplified that. We don’t care what they say, we ‘gon always have your back. One day I’ll tell my children, about how my president was black.”