Skin For Sale…. Paid Advertising on Female’s Body Parts!!!


In an exclusive article in the July issue of Marie Claire Magazine they made mention of a new advertising phenomenon going on in Japan that would make anyone’s jaw drop.

Young women in Japan are literally becoming walking advertisements in every sense of the word. a Tokyo-based company has recruited miniskirt wearing teens and women in their 20s to rent out (yes we said rent) their bare thighs as advertising space!

Absolute Territoy PR is paying girls up to $100 a day to wear sticker tattoos promoting their clients, who include hair removal salons, books, and even rock albums.


“It makes sense to advertise on women’s legs because so many people enjoy looking at them.” Says Atsumi Eichi, a spokesperson for Absolute Territory PR.

So far over 4,000 women have signed up. The candidates must wear the ads for at least 8 hours a day and post photos of themselves online. However, critics are saying the promotion makes women properly and turns them into commodities. They’re hoping women will use their legs to run away from the fleshy promotion.

However, what do you think? Japanese culture is far more advanced in various industries, and America tends to catch on to Japanese trends later rather than never. Do you think this is actually a great idea for young women to make money if they’re already into showing off their skin???


 Is it a good idea for young women to put advertisements on their body?