Singer Michel’le Says She Wasn’t in NWA Movie Because “I Was Just The Beat Up Girlfriend” [Video]


Following the recent success of the NWA biopic “Straight Outta Compton”, Dr. Dre’s former girlfriend, and son’s mother, singer Michel’le explains why she feels their abusive relationship wasn’t featured in the movie.

Via: VladTV

“Something In My Heart” songstress, Michel’le, got up with us here at VladTV and spoke on the movie “Straight Outta Compton,” the biopic about N.W.A. she doesn’t get portrayed in it.


“Why would [Dr.] Dre put me in it?” she ponders, as they were in a abusive relationship for many years. “I mean ’cause if they start from where they start from I was just a quiet girlfriend who got beat up and told to shut up,” she candidly proclaims.

Nevertheless, Michel’le says she will “absolutely” watch the movie upon it’s release, though it’s clear she has her reservations on how the group may come off. Press play to hear her speak on her now-nonexistent relationship with the billionaire producer and their 24-year-old son in this exclusive clip.