Shellie Zimmerman Files for Divorce from George Zimmerman

Via Mediaite reports:

According to ABC News Tampa, Shellie Zimmerman has officially filed for divorce from George Zimmerman, the man recently acquitted in the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin.

Reports had surfaced last week that Shellie had long been “considering” a divorce from her husband, with marital troubles occurring before the fateful February 2012 shooting incident. ABC News confirmed this afternoon that she has filed the paperwork and a divorce is underway.

In a previous ABC News report, 26-year-old Shellie lamented that despite her attending his entire trial, he did not show up to support her during court dates related to her pleading guilty to lying to a judge about how much money she and George possessed.

In the unfiled papers … Shellie says she wants custody of Oso, a 2-year-old, 120 lb Rottweiler, and Leroy, an 8-year-old, 20 lb “Heinz 57″.

26-year-old Shellie also said she perjured herself for George — lying to a judge about how much money they had — and was pissed he wasn’t by her side when she stood trial.

Does anyone feel bad for George Zimmerman? He couldn’t even show up to support his wife in court after she stood by his side during his trial??? How selfish and self-centered is this man?! Wow!