Sheriff David Morgan Shares His Opinions On “Black Culture” [Video]

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan posted a pretty ignorant video message last week where he expressed his politically incorrect opinions on “black culture.”

The 30-year law enforcement veteran referred to the term “African-American” as “divisive,”, and argued that what truly was destroying the Black community was the embrace of “thug culture”.

“We have unfortunately in the black community embraced a thug culture, one that aggrandizes, again, foul language, shooting cops, abusing women. And if you don’t think those things have an effect on children, you need to get a grip.”

The video then cuts to a clip of Morgan citing a number of attacks by blacks against whites, asking “Where’s the public outrage in that?”.

As ignorant as this video is, its good to get a better understanding on the many Americans who agree 100% with Sheriff Morgan, and why Black men continue to die at the hands of police officers who think like Sheriff Morgan.


Do you think there are things Sheriff Morgan said that are true? Do you think it should be acceptable for an officer to already have preconceived judgements on certain people, like we get to see in this video?

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