New Aqua Cycling Craze in NYC A Fun Way to Lose Weight


In the July issue of Marie Claire Magazine they mentioned a new fitness trend that is all the rave in Europe and has finally made it’s way to the states.

Aqua Cycling is a spinning workout done in a pool that was created in the 90s by a physical therapist in Italy. Like any other cycling class you have a bike that you sit on while submerged into a 4 ft pool of water.  There are no speed adjustments to make to the waterproof bike, so you don’t have to worry about keeping pace.


At Aqua Studio NYC, the first New York studio to offer the class (for women only, at this point), the lighting is dim, the candlelit mood more therapeutic than punishing. Best of all, the whole 45-minute class takes place in a swimming pool.

Wondering what you wear on your feet??? Cute jelly sandals of course, and the jellies are strapped to the bike. How convenient?!


Like regular cycling it strengthens muscles without putting pressure on your joints, and experts believe the water massages your legs as you pedal which leaves you less sore after your workout. However orthopedic surgeon Dr. Alexis Colvin says that “being underwater probably doesn’t add any increased benefits.”

The class burns 600 calories, and is a very fun way to lose weight. So why not give it a try?

Aqua Studio NYC offers a trial class for $34….not bad.

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Source: Marie Claire July Issue, NY Times