Shantel Jackson Reveals Text Evidence Of Floyd Mayweather Abuse [Pics]


In case you needed anymore proof that boxing champion Floyd Mayweather was both an emotional (and physical) abuser to exes Josie Harris and Shantel Jackson….. Shantel just provided it.

Shantel issued a lawsuit against Floyd last summer that called the boxing champion out for his constant mistreatment during the years they dated. As the two battle it out in court, more evidence has been revealed that show just how heartless Floyd Mayweather really was to Shantel.

No wonder she moved on to Nelly!


Via: TMZ 

It’s what every little girl dreams of … a marriage proposal over text message … complete with crazy Hollywood bribes and a demand that you change your crappy attitude, stat.

And that’s exactly what Floyd Mayweather fired off to Shantel Jackson back in April ’14.


Jackson put the proposal on display in new legal papers filed in her nuclear war with her ex-fiancee … which shows how Floyd tried to convince Shantel into getting engaged for a 2nd time.

Shantel also says Floyd got upset over a photo of her with rapper Nelly from April ’14 … with Floyd texting her the picture and saying, “Just tell me this didn’t mean anything.”


In the legal docs she also claims, “[Floyd] threatened that if I didn’t take down the photo of me and Nelly, he would post ‘naked photos’ of me on social media.”

Take a look at the texts below.

floyd-mayweather-shantel-jackson floyd-shantel-texts floyd-shantel-texts2 floyd-shantel-texts3 floyd-shantel-texts4


For anyone who doubted just how low Floyd Mayweather could go when it comes to his women, now you can see for yourself.

Floyd is an amazing boxer, but sucks at being a boyfriend. Shantel deserved better.

  • Nikesha Goodman

    This didn’t prove ish. I genuinely dislike Mayweather as a person period but this article is crap. Its full of half a$$ messages. And he seems he had good reason to ask about Nelly seeing as how she is now with him…. A man with his money needs to know his chick is down for him and not the cash. He proposed to work things out and help her get her career going. I didn’t see anything wrong with what he said.