Shame Video: Brazilian Rapper Gets Shot and Killed While Performing on Stage

MC Daleste, Brazilian rapper
MC Daleste, Brazilian rapper

This video is disturbing and reminds you just how crazy of a world we live in. A 20-year-old Brazilian rapper was fatally shot on 6 July, while performing at a free concert in São Paulo state. MC Daleste was midway through the show when he was shot in the abdomen and collapsed on stage. He died later in hospital.

The disturbing clips, which have accumulated over five million views, show Daleste, real name Daniel Pellegrine, rapping before he falls to the ground.

According to Billboard, Daleste was involved in São Paulo’s ostentation funk scene, where rappers trade gangster bars over heavily percussive beats. His releases have included songs about drug-dealer’s mothers,“goddesses” and hating the police.


Source: Guardian