Serena Williams Friends Warn Her About Drake Playing Her Again


Everyone is talking about Drake and Serena Williams!

The new celebrity couple was photographed making out after Serena’s game in Cincinnati this past weekend, and now everyone wants to know how these two hooked up.

However, this appears to be the second go around for the new couple. Despite all the support they’re receiving from fans, Serena’s friends want the Tennis champion to keep her guard up to avoid being hurt by Drake for a second time……

Via: TMZ

Drake is getting a second bite of the apple that is Serena Williams — but now that they’re back on and popping, Serena’s guard is up for one reason … best summed up in one word: THOTs.

Sources close to Serena tell us she’s been into Drizzy ever since they first hooked up in 2011, but that ended badly because he had his eyes on a few other chicks at the same time. Let’s face it, Drake’s game with strippers and Instagram models is legendary.

We’re told Serena’s willing to give him another chance because they have a “good vibe” — which was on full display in the pics TMZ posted of their dinner in Cincinnati. Still, friends are warning her to be careful she doesn’t get hurt again.

Our Drake sources say it’s different this time — he treats her with more respect than his other dates because Serena’s a superstar in her own right. Translation: He doesn’t have to worry about her using him for fame.

We’re told she digs him showing up at her matches, and holds her family section tix for him. They’re trying to take it slowly, but it’s obvious from pics and videos … they’re crushing hard. Again.