Get Rid of Those “Selfie Arms” With The Selfy iPhone Case [REVIEW]


Taking selfies has just gotten easier. As a selfie queen myself, I was elated to find out about this new case called “Selfy™”.

The Selfy case not only protects your phone, it also comes equipped with a Bluetooth enabled camera shutter in the back. All you have to do is slide it out, position your phone and click the button on the shutter. Super easy solution to eliminating those annoying Selfy arms you probably have in all of your Instagram posts.




Setting it up was quite easy. Just turn Bluetooth on and connect your device and you are set to go! All you have to do is pose and click! it is very easy and fast with no delay at all. I clicked multiple photos and they were just fine! Since it’s part of the case, slide it right back in when you are done and go about your day!


20140811-093516-34516238.jpg selfy1

In terms of the build of the case, it is pretty sturdy. The only thing that scares me a bit is that the case isn’t quite raised around the screen enough so I fear dropping it face first. Don’t get too crazy and your phone will be fine. But if you’re clumsy like me, just be very careful. 

You can also use other add-on’s like this bike mount for your Selfy case if you wish to take cool videos while biking. Prop it onto the mount which attaches right to the back of the Selfy case and you’re set. Record that wonderful scenic route as you cruise around on your bike.

selfy3 selfy2


Pricing/Availability: The Selfy case w/ wireless Bluetooth shutter is available for

iPhone 5/5s for $39.99 in black and pink

Galaxy S5 for $39.99

iPad air for $79.99 and iPad mini model for $69.99.

The bar mount mentioned is also available for $19.99

 Check it out and lose those Selfy arms today!