Scrappy and Shay Expose Erica on How She Got Pregnant By Married NFL Player!!!

The cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is grade A ratchet, and they don’t just front for cameras. We honestly get tired of reporting on them, but they’re just always doing something that is definitely worth mentioning.

In new ratchet LVHHATL news Scrappy says that he BROKE THINGS OFF with Erica because she was cheating on him with a married man. Scrappy claims that Erica GOT PREGNANT by the guy and had an ABORTION. Also the man allegedly plays for the ATLANTA HAWKS.

Scrapy dished this dirt during the reunion show, before he and Erica got kicked off the set. Next season it looks like Erica and Scrappy are going to be the most interesting of the bunch.


This could all just be rumors that Scrappy is trying to spread, but not according to his other boo thing Shay “Buckeey” Johnson.

Now according to Shay who said Lil Scrappy drops quite a bomb about his child’s mother Erica Dixon.

“Scrappy made an announcement on the reunion, and I can’t wait until y’all hear it,” Shay said while talking to DJs at Power 105.1.

“She was messing with a married man and got pregnant by him,” Shay shared, repeating something Scrappy apparently said during the reunion show taping.

Shay clarified that it’s not the first time Erica cheated on Scrappy, but it’s presumably the first incident of infidelity by her since the two became engaged.


“She cheated on him first in the beginning of their relationship…She always messed with raggedy, bum dudes,” said Shay who described Erica as the other woman. “Diamond was his main girl.”

Erica spoke to Sister 2 Sister last year and denied having a relationship with a married man.

“Marriage is sacred,” she said then in reaction to a photo of her and a married man that was shared on Twitter.

“He’s my friend. He’s been my friend for a while, and the media has just taken it and twisted it all out of context,” she told S2S. However, it’s unclear whether that married man is the same with which Scrappy accused her of conceiving a child.

It’s also unclear what happened to the baby Erica supposedly conceived with someone else’s husband, but Shay didn’t correct DJ Envy who assumed that Erica had an abortion.

“Looks can be deceiving on TV when they edit you a certain way. They edited me like a sidepiece. They edited her like the happy homemaker,” she said. “They’re not gonna get married.”

WOOOOHOOOO Now this is getting JUICY!!!!


Shay talks more about Diamond, Momma Dee, and her new man Jody Breeze. Watch the interview below:

Source: Mediatakeout Sister2Sister Magazine