Scott Disick Leaves Kardashain Family Vaca Early to Party in Miami With Supermodels


All seemed well between Kourtney Kardashian and her estranged baby daddy Scott Disick during the Kardashian family vacation in Costa Rica this past weekend.

Scott posted this pic of Kourtney with their children in Costa Rica on Sunday.


A photo posted by Scott Disick (@letthelordbewithyou) on

But by Monday Scott was seen in Miami beach canoodling with two different supermodels!


It became apparent that things must have taken a turn for the worst after Scott was seen on a beach in Miami shortly after posting pics of Kourtney and their kids in Costa Rica.

Sources close to Scott tell TMZ  that he secretly flew a girl to Costa Rica where the Kardashians were filming their show and attempted to put her in the same exact hotel where the camera crew was staying.

Scott tried his hardest to keep it a secret, but it’s reported that someone from the crew told Kris and Kim about Scott’s Costa Rica side muse and all hell broke loose. Our sources say Kim and Kris had a ferocious argument with Scott. It had nothing to do with

Sources say Kim and Kris had a heated argument with Scott over his disrespect to the family and shortly after that Scott bolted for Miami where he was seen living it up with two different young women.

It’s safe to say that Scott could care less what the Kardashians or anyone thinks about his wild boy lifestyle.

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