Sarah Palin Somehow Blames Obama For Son’s Domestic Violence Arrest [Video]


Sarah Palin has returned to media headlines after she recently endorsed Donald Trump for President shortly before her son Track was arrested for domestic violence.

Palin finally addressed all the talk over her son’s domestic violence arrest and leave it up to Palin to find some way of blaming her son’s arrest on President Obama!

Palin was at a Donald Trump rally in Oklahoma earlier in the week when she addressed the “elephant in the room” subject over her son Track Palin‘s recent bust for allegedly assaulting a woman.


Palin used the excuse of Track being a combat veteran who’s suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and it’s people like him who feel abandoned by the President.

Palin said that now after Track’s arrest, she can now relate to other families of veterans who feel ignored by the President, and added that this is why America needs Trump.

Girl BYE!

Source: TMZ