Sagging Aint Swagging: Style Tips for Today’s Young Males


One of the saddest statements in fashion, outside of big stupid mountain hats ( No pun intended Pharrell), has to be the sagging of the pants!!!

For those who do not know where the sagging of pants originated from let me drop some knowledge on some of the youth. Back in the days, prison officers would take the belts away from the inmates so they didn’t use the belts as weapons or use them to commit suicide.

In turn prison inmates, once released from jail, began incorporating this saggy pants style into their respective neighborhoods. If you notice pictures from the late 80s and early 90s, urban males still wore their pants on their waist.

It wasn’t until the early-mid 90s that males began this sagging pants craze, and the rest is history…….


The sagging pants trend was actually for prisoners who were willing to have sex with other prisoners in jail! 

Prisoners needed to invent a signal that would go unnoticed by the prison guards so they wouldn’t  suffer consequences.


Do you still think it’s cool sag your pants ?

To all youth and grown men and women reading this post it’s cool to not follow certain trends. Some trends are just not cool and acceptable. Make a statement and pick up your pants.


Take it from me, women love to see a well dressed man, and no I’m not talking about the most expensive labels. But a men that cares about his appearance and is well put together.

It’s 2014 guys the sagging has got to stop. In some states sagging your pants is considered a crimeand you will be fined depending on what the  state fine is.

Fellas quit the sag and dress up it. It won’t hurt to go against the typical stereotypes society places on people who wear saggy pants.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.44.11 AM

For the fellas who still sag their pants I have a message for you guys…… GROW UP !!!!!! No offense. You don’t even need to wear a suit to be properly dressed, but no one wants to see your new Burberry boxers. Get your self one of those expensive belts you all love and pick up them damn pants. Side note, you do not need a designer belt to pick up your pants it was just a joke.


When you finally realize that no one cares about the brand boxers you have and no longer care for the hype of everything that drops, you have just reached maturity. One of the reasons why I love to look nice and dress up is because as the saying goes “you know a man in suit is like lingerie to a woman”.


Do not be a product of your environment and raise above the things you see everyday that is seen as the norm…. such as sagging your pants.

It is not cool,  not swaggy, and when you walk it looks like something is up your butt!!!

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