Sage The Gemini Caught Blasting Jordin Sparks On The Phone With Ex [Video]


Sage The Gemini is officially most hated by fans of singer Jordin Sparks after he got thousands of people in support of his attempts to win back his ex following his bad boy ways.

The rapper recently made tabloid headlines after he publicly begged Jordin to pick up his phone calls on Instagram only one week after their recent breakup.

Sage made mention of how he was being “a good boy” and pleaded with Jordin to at least pick up his phone calls.


Shortly after his public plea, fans began swarming to Jordin’s page begging her to pick up Sage’s calls.


Well now not even a week later, and Sage’s dirty dog ways have been put all the way on blast!

Sage’ ex-girlfriend Curium exposed the hell out him after she recorded and released a private phone call between them while Sage was still with Jordin. 

Curium says that she and Sage were working on rebuilding their relationship last year when Sage started seeing Jordin. During his relationship with Jordin, Currium claims that Sage had been trying to get back with her the entire time, and offered up the receipts to prove it.

In the conversation Sage can be heard completely bashing Jordin saying,


“Those are pictures. [In our relationship] everything was f*cking horrible. That b*tch was f*cking dumb. She got on my nerves. I wanted to STAB HER. Don’t get me wrong, she’s cool, I mean she’s level headed. But she’s not no regular person. You know. . . .

Sage can be heard on tape claiming that his relationship with Jordin was completely fake and fabricated in order to help her get back at her ex Jason Derulo.

Sage even swears on his daughter that he’s telling the truth and that his manager forced  him to profit off of his relationship with jordin in order to boost album sales. Sage can be heard saying that Jordin is “no fun”.

This audio recording was done on February 7 – when he was STILL with Jordin. You can hear him start bashing Jordin around the 12:00 mark.

Its safe to say that things between Jordin and Sage are completely OVER! And Sage can start resorting to other antics to boost his struggling album sales.