Safaree Drops Horrible Meek Mill Diss “Lifeline”


Nicki Minaj’s former boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, attempted to clapback at her and Meek Mill in his new diss track “Lifeline”, but failed horribly.

Safaree dropped his new diss track yesterday to pretty dismal reviews. SB is heard saying, “This n**** bent outta shape with a gorilla face/ My bars on ‘The Pinkprint’ no one will ever match/ My dick- print lil n**** u could never match.”

He goes on to say, “I heard you told Philippe Chow you ain’t goin’ there … You outta shape anyway you need to eat a pear.”

There isn’t any actual proof that SB wrote Nicki’s rhymes, and there also isn’t any proof that his di*k print is still inside of Nicki…….